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The attorneys at the Doak Law Firm have been serving the Northern Michigan Community for 17 Years. We know how to fight for what matters.

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Lawyers are greedy because they are being paid to help me with a real problem or profiting from my misfortune. So a broken leg isn’t a real problem and no one profits from your misfortune? You don’t see a room of volunteer doctors ready to set your leg for free, do you? Call Petoskey Hospital […]


1. Marijuana is basically legal. This is false. Marijuana is illegal under both state and federal law. The medical marijuana act gives someone who complies with the act an exemption from prosecution in Michigan. If you don’t comply with the act and all caselaw supporting it, you can be and will be convicted of a […]


Otsego County Lawyer Jodi Doak Wins Mother Child Support in the Court of Appeals The Michigan Court of Appeals recently upheld a decision in a case Doak Law has been working on for the past three years. The Court of Appeals affirmed Otsego County Circuit Court’s decision finding paternity, awarding the mother over $1200 a […]



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