Otsego County Lawyer Jodi Doak Wins Child Support Case in Court of Appeals

Otsego County Lawyer Jodi Doak Wins Mother Child Support in the Court of Appeals

The Michigan Court of Appeals recently upheld a decision in a case Doak Law has been working on for the past three years. The Court of Appeals affirmed Otsego County Circuit Court’s decision finding paternity, awarding the mother over $1200 a month in child support, two years of retroactive support, and $23,000 in attorney’s fees. The Court of Appeal’s opinion stated Doak Law’s argument was well-reasoned and clearly-written.

The child’s father denied paternity and avoided paying child support for many years. Doak Law represented the mother and child in Otsego County court, arguing that because he had been avoiding the child support order, he should be made to pay retroactive child support also. The trial court agreed, and awarded the mother over $1200 in child support, two years retroactive (back) child support, and $23,000 in attorney fees.

The father appealed, claiming Otsego County court had no jurisdiction over him. “Jurisdiction” comes from two Latin words, “juris,” meaning law, and “diction,” saying; jurisdiction means the “authority to administer law.” Doak Law represented the mother and child in the Court of Appeals, argued that the Otsego County court did have jurisdiction over the father, and the court’s findings of paternity and awarding child support, back child support, and attorney’s fees were correct and within the authority of the law.

The Court of Appeals agreed.

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