6 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Lawyers That Will Cost Us Dearly

  1. Lawyers are greedy because they are being paid to help me with a real problem or profiting from my misfortune. So a broken leg isn’t a real problem and no one profits from your misfortune? You don’t see a room of volunteer doctors ready to set your leg for free, do you? Call Petoskey Hospital and try, even with insurance, to get treatment for cancer. They want the titles to any vehicles you may own and real hard cash or they won’t even touch you! How does antibiotic ointment or even face cream not solve a real problem and profit from your misfortune? You pay for it without thinking about it for a second. Yes, Doctors are called heroes while being paid for their time, regardless of whether they care about you or not. Guess what the hourly rate is for a doctor? $115 for 15 minutes with doctor is now running $460 per hour, and that’s not even that expensive for a doctor. In fact, more than half the time I bet you see a PA for that price and not even a real doctor. The fact is, we all are paying for someone’s time every time we buy something. Even when you buy an apple you are paying for someone’s time. Someone spent time planting it, watching it grow, fertilizing it, harvesting it and selling it to you. No, it is not JUST someone’s time.   It is someone’s TIME.
  1. Lawyers don’t care about your problems. They just want your money. Actually attorneys have to live in a house and feed their kids too. Actually as a lawyer I care about and want to resolve the problems of my clients but also insist on being paid because I’m worth it.   I have many times sat across from a client listening to their problems and their story literally brought me to tears. I have felt anxiety, fear, hope, despair, joy and many other emotions with my clients. In fact, if I don’t care about a client, I will refuse their case. I have to have some emotional stake in the game because it makes me effective. I have to be sold on my own client. That is right, if I am not committed as an attorney, how can I possibly be effective?
  1. Lawyers don’t save you money. Clients that keep an attorney close experience fewer problems because they have more knowledge and know the right decisions to make in legal situations. They know what they don’t know and ask for help. Problems cost way more money than avoiding the problem in the first place. Drafting a deed correctly costs way less than a lawsuit over an incorrectly drafted deed.

I had a client once that was buying some real estate. He called the bank and got the pay off amount then called me to say he was going to accept the offer he received because he would have a $20,000 net gain and needed the money desperately. This man always kept me close as his lawyer and never complained about paying me. I told him he needed to call the bank back and get the pay off amount in writing, something he had forgotten in the rush of excitement (not because he was stupid or didn’t know what he was doing, but because he was too emotionally involved at the moment thinking about that $20,000 payout). He called the bank and got the amount in writing. We signed the documents and ended up in the pre stages of closing and the number came back from the bank with him owing about $150. He was devastated! I emailed the payoff quote to the bank’s attorney. The bank’s attorney called me back 15 minutes later to tell me that the person that gave the payoff amount did not have authorization to do so and that the amount did not include interest and attorney fees. Five minutes later he agreed to honor the quote from the bank’s representative. My client walked away with his $20,000. My advice and involvement in the entire transaction cost him about $800. Don’t tell me that lawyers don’t save you money. This is not an unusual story. This stuff happens all the time.


  1. Lawyers are horrible people. My favorite lawyer joke says “What’s the difference between a catfish and lawyer? One’s a scum sucking bottom dweller and the other one’s a fish! I think that’s hilarious. Actually like in every single profession out there, there are good ones and there are bad ones. There are lawyers that will take all your money and do a sub-standard job. There are excellent waitresses and then there are waitresses that you just want to fire yourself. There are lawyers out there that are life-changing individuals and your life will be better for the moments that you spend with them. But that is true of some people in EVERY walk of life and every field.   My baby doctor is a person that changed my life. The orthopedic surgeon that saved my husband finger had the personality of a wet sponge but he saved his finger! He got the job done even though he was a horrible personality. Lawyers are generally good people with a very difficult and challenging job.


  1. I don’t need a lawyer.   Did you ever notice that all wealthy people have lawyers? Wealthy individuals understand that by having attorneys they avoid unnecessary risk and unnecessary problems. They have multiple attorneys. They know what they don’t know. Everyone needs a lawyer. You would be amazed at the number of people that consult with me about their problems on a regular basis, the relatively small amount of money they spend and the wealth of problems they avoid. I had one person recently call me to ask me if he could pay a parking ticket in pennies! Not real smart thing to do. But he called me and decided not to do it. Not because it was illegal, but because he didn’t want that kind of reputation in the community.   Let’s face it, we all need a will and it should be updated, we all need a power of attorney and a patient advocate designation. We all need a lawyer for real estate closings, if we are injured, if we have a car accident, if we are going to court for ANY REASON, even as a witness. As a lawyer myself, I even have had a lawyer through the years that I went to and I paid him. It was well worth the money because it helped me avoid problems. As a business lawyer we help businesses protect their investment in their business, protect them from liability, and strengthen their businesses in many ways. It is vitally important to have a close relationship with a lawyer if you are a business.



  1. I can’t afford a lawyer. This is a statement that is born out of a true lack of knowledge. For any new case, we will see you for FREE for 30 minutes and help you answer that question. We will also help you decide if you need a lawyer. Plus, if you need another half hour, it’s only $75. I had a client once that came to me when she got a ticket for her llama breaking through a fence. She said she was on her way down to the courthouse to pay the ticket and decided to call me. I looked it up and it was a misdemeanor—that’s right a CRIME. She would have had a criminal record if she had taken responsibility for that ticket. Yes it cost her about $750 and we got it dismissed. We had to go to court and demand a jury trial before they did dismiss it. But a criminal record can destroy your life! Imagine if that had effected her business reputation or her ability to work.   There is no one in the whole state of Michigan that can’t afford to talk to a lawyer for 30 minutes or even for an entire hour about a real problem that they have! And, it could be the smartest decision you have ever made. I love helping people avoid problems. It is what we do. If you have a problem or a question that is important to you, call us and ask. My phone number is 231-675-0648.  If we can’t help you we will try to find a lawyer that can.

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