5 Myths about Medical Marijuana in Michigan

1. Marijuana is basically legal. This is false. Marijuana is illegal under both state and federal law. The medical marijuana act gives someone who complies with the act an exemption from prosecution in Michigan. If you don’t comply with the act and all caselaw supporting it, you can be and will be convicted of a crime.
2. I can use marijuana anywhere I want. This is false. You are not allowed to use marijuana in any place that is considered “Public.” Further, if you smoke in your car even in your garage, if you get pulled over and the police smell that, they may very well do a warrantless search of your car. As someone that values privacy, that is something you should really avoid.
3. If I find something in a marijuana shop, it is legal because they are selling it. FALSE. Many dispensaries in Michigan have been raided and shut down for selling illegally. The statute states you can distribute only to your registered patient if you are a caregiver. Also, at this point you can be arrested for possession of oils or other edibles. I have had clients arrested for possession of items they bought at a dispensary. Stick to the straight plant material if you carry a valid card.
4. I can meet my doctor via video conference and that is OK. False. You need a legitimate doctor patient relationship. If anything happened and you needed to present a defense to a charge, this is vitally important.
5. I can own guns and use medical marijuana. This is a good way to get a felony charge. In Michigan if you are a medical marijuana user you are classified as a “drug user” or “drug addict” and therefore forbidden under federal law from possessing a gun.

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