Bankruptcy Attorneys

Yes, we are bankruptcy attorneys.  That means we are real people helping other real people solve problems that are of a tremendous importance.  We pride ourselves on being professional and aggressive while also being compassionate and approachable for our clients.

We are also professionals helping people avoid more problems down the road that we have walked down hundreds if not thousands of times.  And believe me, problems can arise in a bankruptcy that can cost you exponentially more than the cost of an attorney in a bankruptcy filing.

Our initial 1/2 hour consultations are free, which means it is no risk to you and costs you nothing to answer your basic questions about bankruptcy.

We serve clients all over the State of Michigan, Including Charlevoix County (Charlevoix, East Jordan, Elmira, Boyne City,), Otsego County (including Gaylord, Johannesburg, Elmira), Kalkaska County, Emmet County (Including Mackinaw City, Alanson, Conway, Petoskey, Walloon Lake) Cheboygan County (including Cheboygan, Indian River).  In the rare event we can’t help you, we will try to send you to someone who can.  

***This web site and article is for informational purposes only and is intended to give you, the viewer, information about the type of services provided by the Doak Law Firm. This is not intended as nor should this web site or article be used as legal advice. Your case should be specifically reviewed by an attorney. Contacting the Doak Law Firm via this web site, Facebook, Twitter, via e-mail, or via phone does not create an attorney-client relationship. An attorney client relationship can only be created by express written agreement with the Doak Law Firm. We offer a free ½ hour consultation which is no risk to you to allow you access to the legal advice you need to know the proper direction to take your case. Start there. That is the smart choice. ***